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The camera doesn't take the picture, the photographer does. Mastering the craft of photography, being knowledgeable about composition, weather, light and color makes a bigger difference than the hardware you're using. That said, here's the gear I typically use.



  • Canon EOS 5DSr. The 50 Mpx are useful to print very large format. The dynamic range is not as good as Sony or Nikon, and the high-ISO performance is disappointing, which is problematic for astrophotography. If I were to buy a Canon camera today, I would probably get the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

  • Canon 7D (backup camera)


  • Canon 24-70mm 𝑓∕2.8 L II USM. My most commonly used lens.

  • Canon 100-400mm 𝑓∕4.5-5.6L IS II USM. My long lens. I sometimes use if with a Canon Extender 2x II.

  • Canon 10-22mm 𝑓∕3.5-4.5 EFS. Wide angle lens. Beautiful, super sharp, but heavy.

  • Rokinon 14mm 𝑓∕2.8. Beautiful astrophotography lens. Very little distortion.



A good tripod can make a huge difference in the quality of the images you can capture. A lesser quality tripod (and ballhead!) can result in imperceptible vibrations that will translate into inexplicably soft images. I have been super happy with the quality of the product and the service offered by Really Right Stuff.

  • Really Right Stuff carbon fiber tripod TVC-24. A good compromised between portability and features. Sometimes I regret not having an extensible column, though.

  • Really Right Stuff ballhead BH-55. I started with a smaller ballhead, but it was not sturdy enough for my 200-400mm.

  • Really Right Stuff L-bracket. Makes it super quick to switch from portrait to landscape orientation.


  • Filters: Breakthrough Photography and Nisi filters: circular polarizer, ND 3, 6 and 10 stops, graduated filter 3 and 6 stops

  • Trigger cable

  • Spare batteries

  • Memory cards: Sandisk Extreme PRO SDXC

  • Lots of cleaning cloths

  • Alarm clock: don't miss the sunrise

  • Shower cap: great when shooting waterfalls or surf up close


  • Think Tank Photo Airport Commuter. A spacious, durable bag that fits in overhead compartments. Easy access to everything, cable lock, rain cover. Well-thought-out and dependable.

  • Peak Design Everyday Camera Pack 20l. A smaller, more discrete bag when I need to be more mobile. I can still carry three lenses.



  • Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000. A large format printer with amazing print quality.