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About Arno Gourdol

I was born in France and graduated from Grenoble University.

While still pursuing my academic studies, I was recruited by Apple. I moved to Cupertino, and I became the tech lead of the User Interface team that conceived, designed and implemented Aqua, the user interface of Mac OS X.

In 2001 I joined Adobe in search of new adventures. I got the chance to be involved in many great products, including Photoshop, the first version of Creative Suite, the Flash platform, the Web Platform and the Creative Cloud experience. I was the founder of Adobe Bridge, which I still use everyday in my life as a photographer!

Ever since a high-school photography class where I learned about exposure, composition and developing your own prints in a darkroom, I have been an enthusiastic, if unfocused, photographer. I mostly combined photography with my love of travel, but this was mostly documentary photography.

With my work at Adobe, I deepened my appreciation for the photographic craft, and after a quarter of a century in the tech industry, I found myself with an itch to scratch. I wanted to not just build the tools that creatives could use to express themselves, but I had a yearning to jump on the other side of the fence, and use these tools myself for my own creative pursuits.

In March 2016, I left Adobe and decided to follow my heart and to use my camera to capture the splendor of the world. By sharing those images, maybe I can brighten someone’s day, inspire others to travel and discover our beautiful planet, realize how precious it is and care about each other a bit more.

I'm based in San Francisco but I am frequently out on the road.


Q: Are there other sizes or formats available for the artwork?

A: The artworks on the site are available in 46 cm × 56 cm / 17" × 22". Upon request, I can make them available in meta prints in 76 cm × 114 cm / 30" × 45" or 100 cm × 150 cm / 60" × 40"). Contact me to discuss options.

Q: Are you available for weddings, portraits or commercial photography?

A: No, my focus is on fine art landscape photography.

Q: My country/city/state is beautiful. Would you come to photograph it?

A: Possibly. I enjoy traveling the world for my own pleasure, but I am also available for commissioned work. Get in touch to discuss.

Q: You seem to know what you’re doing. Will you teach me?

A: Yes! I’m available for individual or small group workshops. They can be customized, but they typically last one day, including sunrise and sunset shooting, as well as processing during the day. Topics covered can include scouting, composition, field technique, equipment, asset management, processing and more. They can take place in the San Francisco Bay Area or some other location upon request.